The Difference Between a Personal Assistant and A Personal Concierge

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The Difference Between a Personal Assistant and A Personal Concierge

On the surface, the job of a personal concierge and personal assistant may seem somewhat similar. For both professions, the main objective is to make the lives of their clients more manageable and more efficient. Moreover, in many cases, the services offered by the two professions can overlap depending on the client’s needs. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two professions that stems from one key idea: lifestyle vs. business management. 

The Job of A Personal Assistant 

While the two professions may serve the same kinds of people, they tend to do so in different capacities. Traditionally, a personal assistant maintains one client and provides services in daily business and individual tasks related to that business. As such, PAs usually spend their days running administrative errands or planning business meetings and trips. It is also not unusual for PAs to be asked to pick up dry cleaning, make vacation plans, or any other daily tasks to make their employer’s life easier. While these tasks seem more to align with that of a personal concierge, they do not represent the primary goal of a personal assistant. 

The Job of a Personal Concierge 

The job of a personal concierge is also to make their clients’ life easier but in an entirely different sense. First and foremost, personal concierges rarely have one client and instead, tend to manage the lifestyles of multiple people. In the personal concierge world, lifestyle management refers to using a service contractor to manage lifestyle requests that can include a wide variety of services. Their scope ranges from planning bespoke experiences to maintaining exclusive relationships with various restaurants, resorts, attractions, and any other top-tier experience or service clients may be interested in. Personal concierges, unlike personal assistants, do not work to make life easier from a business perspective but instead work to make it easier for clients to reclaim and enjoy their free time. 

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