How to Make the Most of the Houston Open

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How to Make the Most of the Houston Open

The Houston Open is right around the corner! From November 8th to November 14th, elite golfers will be competing on the world-class golf course at Memorial Park. Enjoy the experience of premium hospitality and the excitement of watching the tournament simultaneously. Below we list ways to prepare for the Houston Open so that you can make the most of the event.

Get Travel Accommodations

The Houston Open is a very well-known event, so chances are it will be packed. Parking will not only cost money but will cost you time away from the tournament. You must get some kind of travel accommodation to and from Memorial Park to allow you to enjoy the event to its fullest potential. The experience doesn’t necessarily need to start at the golf course; it can begin from your house if you can get a luxury vehicle to take you to Memorial Park.

Plan for the Best View

Everyone wants to get the best view possible. The Houston Open offers plenty of venues with sights of different holes, so you can watch the game the way you want and have comfortable seating. You must find the best place that piques your interest; for example, if you want a first-class view of the finishing hole, a comfortable lounge area, and many flat-screen TVs, look for the venue that checks off all that criteria. Obtain the most luxury views with top-tier seating so you can receive the best experience.

Arrange a Dining Experience

Food and drinks are always a must. The Houston Open’s many venues offer a range of food and beverage services. Some venues offer an all-inclusive lunch buffet, complimentary breakfast, premium full-service bar, and deserts. Find the right place that suits your interests.

Find the Best Place to Stay

If you are not from Houston, you will need to find a nice place to stay. After a long day on the golf course, you just need a place to relax for the night. Find your ideal hotel within the area so that you won’t miss out on any experiences. However, knowing what hotels are the best in the vicinity can require some research. 

Need luxury accommodation for the Houston Open this November? At H-Town Concierge, we provide our clients with a complete premium travel experience. There is no need to stress planning your trip to the Houston Open; we have got you covered and will coordinate your entire experience, so you enjoy the tournament! Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your needs.

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